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Halloween Costumes You Can Pull From Your Closet

Source: Ashley Selleke

As much as we look forward to Halloween, we’ll admit it has a more-trick-than-treat way of sneaking up on us. October goes by in the blink of an eye, and when you’re caught up with picking apples, sipping pumpkin spice lattes, and checking off the rest of your fall bucket list, it’s easy to find yourself costume-less when the big day arrives. 

The good news is, there are plenty of Halloween costumes you can pull directly from your closet, using items you already own. This is a great way to not only cover up your lack of preparation, but also save some cash. Plus, bonus sustainability points for re-using items you already own rather than purchasing something you’ll probably only wear once. 

Whether you’re lacking time, budget or inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for nine easy Halloween costume ideas you can pull directly from the depths of your wardrobe.


1. Elle Woods

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Dress like your favorite Harvard alum with a pink ensemble from head to toe. Grab all the hot pink out of your closet and throw it on, and don’t forget your fuzzy pink pen and notebook! Bonus points if you can track down a small plush dog to throw in your tote or a pair of pink-shade sunglasses. To complete the look, put your hair half-up, half-down, and flick out the ends.


2. A Muse from Hercules

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The only things you need for this costume? A white dress and a printer. Throw on any white dress you have, and print out a picture of the iconic muses to attach as a belt. The finishing touch? Singing the Hercules soundtrack all night long.


3. A witch

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It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus. Grab all your favorite black garb and turn it into a spellbinding look. Short on a witch’s hat? Substitute for a metal headband, themed barrettes or other spooky accessories you might have on hand. Pearl collar necklaces, puff-sleeve blouses, and lace boots are all on-trend and on-theme.


4. Rosie the Riveter

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We can’t write a costume piece without giving a nod to one of our favorite feminists. This is the perfect costume to pull together if you jumped on the denim jumpsuit trend this fall or have a classic denim button-up hanging in your closet. Tie your hair up in a red bandana and add bright red lipstick to complete the look.


5. A cactus

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Pull a green sweater or dress out of your closet and embellish it with pipe cleaners for the easiest succulent costume ever. Add a pink hair accessory to pull it all together and create a prickly costume you won’t soon forget.


6. Sandy Olsson

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Leather (and faux leather) leggings and pants have been a hot item all fall, so there’s a good chance you have a pair folded in your wardrobe. Add an off-the-shoulder black top, red lipstick, and a pair of red pumps for a look that’s definitely not “too pure to be pink.”


7. Beyoncé from her Hold Up video

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If you have a yellow maxi dress in your closet, it’s ideal, but even if you don’t, the most recognizable part of this costume is the baseball bat. Pair any maxi dress you have with a baseball bat accessory, and it’s a costume for the books.


8. A scarecrow

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A fall-time classic: throw on your favorite flannel and grab some face paint. Complete the ensemble with booties and your favorite overalls or pinafore dress. Suede accessories are also welcome!


9. Wednesday Adams

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Channel your favorite 13-year-old with a collared black dress and pigtails. Add tights and boots, and have fun with spooky accessories and jewelry pieces.


10. Dionne Davenport

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Odds are, you have some black and white plaid in your closet, and paired with a pink top and a DIY hat, you’ve got Dionne from Clueless in the bag.


11. Violet Beauregarde

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Grab anything blue out of your closet and a piece of gum, and Violet Beauregarde is only a blue-painted nose away.


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