Fruit smoothie with oatmeal

Strawberries – 4 pcs;
Oat bran – 1 tbsp;
Water – 2 tablespoons;
Milk (0%) – 1 glass.
Step by step recipe
A smoothie is a thick drink made from berries or fruits with the addition of juice, milk or ice. It is ideal for lovers of healthy food and for those who are on a diet. Smoothies are very easy to make at home in just minutes using a blender.
To do this, we prepare the ingredients we need.
Fill the oatmeal with water.
Let’s let her swell. This will take a couple of minutes.
We remove the tails from the strawberries, wash them, put them in a blender bowl.
Add oatmeal.
We add milk.
Beat everything at low speed until smooth.
Our smoothie is ready. You can easily experiment with its components at your discretion. The main thing is that it is tasty and healthy!
Bon Appetit!